About the company and our vision

Guaranteed great results

We can guarantee that the designers, developers, online marketers and video production specialists that are hired for the job here at Oiwan Technologies, are experts in their field, and because of that, will do a job that will make you 100 % satisfied with the result. If you are not happy with what we make, we give you your money back.

We guaranty that the person that work on your project, have many years experience in the field, and we make sure that the person match the requirements of the client. That way, our clients can be at ease, that the right person is put on the right project.

Our goal and vision is to make all our customers 100 % happy with what we make. Our philosophy is that a happy customer is a returning customer, and we want our customers to come back again and use our services because they love the result that we achieve.

The company is part of Oceantiger Software group. Company organization number: NO 989867776 MVA. Contact details: Møvik, 5357 Fjell, Norway. Phone +47 97 95 98 93. CEO of the company is Alexander Sewe.

More about our services

The company provide services for web, desktop and mobile devices, design services, video production and marketing services.

We can help you with all your graphic design needs (logo design, gui design, 3d graphics, illustration design, web design, design for printed material such as brochures, flyers, letterheads etc), programming (for desktop, web and mobile devices), online marketing (including, but not limited to link building, SEO, email marketing and facebook marketing) and video production (presentation videos and marketing video material).